Stephen Bowser



Joined: 2016-04-15


Born and raised in Sheboygan, and after earning my degree in Commercial Art, I've been employed as a mural painter, digital artist and graphic designer ever since. I've had the good fortune early in my career to study at the Atelier of James Prohl in Milwaukee, where under the guidance of Mr. Prohl, students were taught his methods in Realism. Initially working with charcoal to execute greyscale drawings and when satisfied, moving to full color paintings in oil. I've also spent many a Friday evening at open studio figure drawing at UWM Milwaukee as well as painting and drawing classes at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. 

For the last ten years, most of my paintings originate from imagined compositions derived from personal concept sketches. These small sketches can be fully executed drawings or very loose and primitive scrawls that capture the premise or viewpoint. In the process of sketch to finished painting, the concept is expanded on, color choices are made, and the process becomes clear. My themes can be serious, quirky, fantastic and even humorous, often revolving around human interplay or concerns.

I prefer to use acrylic paints as my medium for their versatility and quick drying ability as well as their non-toxic nature.