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Welcome to my page.

I am a self-taught artist. My work began in my early 30 's in colored pencil--specifically as a very Heartfelt art therapy/ healing process.   The work you see here, is only a small portion, the rest being a little strong out of context, is saved for an appropriate audience and time.   If a person is also working on their healing  process thru the arts, or in general.. . I am open to speaking with them if they are interested.   

Later, my work also came to include photography.    I use a simple digital camera--but make the most of it. . . taking a favorite object/subject and  " running wth it. "    Putting a unique twist on it.  Most work is 8 x 10, but the photography comes in larger sizes.   

I hope you enjoy my work. . . more posts are coming.  If you would like to leave feed-back or purchase a copy of the work, I can be reached at: moore-messages@hotmail.com

The photography comes in varying sizes up to  "18 x 24 "  and  also comes in monochrome color tints.   The larger work comes unframed and is priced accordingly.