Chrisje Sanders


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Joined: 2017-08-21

Chrisje’s works are founded in a process-based practice that unearths our connectedness with the natural environment and our artificial interference with it. Through the process of gathering, scavenging, collecting and integrating these objects in sculptural paintings Chrisje creates works that critically looks at societal structures and systems of injustice. This process is motivated by an intentionality to create works that are cognizant of the reality we live in and driven by her passion to bring awareness to her community and change to society.

Chrisje’s sculptural paintings reveal the injustice of unequal pay practices, the brutality of conflict mining/minerals, the contrast between rich and poor, and the impact of the human footprint on Mother Earth. The summation of Chrisje’s personal experiences, her love for humanity and nature, and her hope for world peace is reflected in her art practice and the physical actions she undertakes in collecting pieces for her works. This activating element of her art practice shows the immediacy with which we should all take action in contributing to a more equal and just world and celebrate its already existing natural beauty.