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My memory contains images of my first ceramic pieces and a drawing of a Beatnik copied from a book from when I was in Mr. Christies' seventh grade art class in a small rural town in Missouri. I can see them as if it were yesterday right down to the fetaling knife edge of the brown glazed Mexican sombrero and nine inch tall, three tiered pinch pot tall cactus. I can see with my seventh grade minds eye the gloss and the then popular exploding crystals of colors.

There were a few moves after seventh grade and adult life arrived with no plans for college or for art. Art renters my life when in my mid twenties I began my studies in what lead to an under graduate degree in botany. Along the way, a couple ceramic studios were incorporated into my list of credits before graduation.

A job came along quickly as did thoughts of wanting a hobby. Those undergraduate class in ceramics lead to a return to school to earn a BFA in Ceramics at Iowa State University, followed by a move to Milwaukee where I earned an MFA in Ceramics. Again, education was followed my employment that lead to living and working in Sheboygan County.

My life as an artist has been quiet since graduate school with the exception for being charged with a citation for littering. I made the front page of the Sheboygan Press and made a few trips to court fighting the charges. I had on one occasion, in the state of Wisconsin, released eighty nine ceramic floats into the Wisconsin River. Of the floats found, two persons pressured the DNR to file charges for littering.

The project began with releasing floats into the Missouri River on the south edge of Sioux City, Iowa.

Okay, I am taking a break from writing. I didn't figure on putting such a long series of words down on "paper" today. Letting it alll out has never really been all that easy well, I'll be back to update as time permits.