Cheryl Mahowald


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Joined: 2014-02-05

Paper was invented over 2000 years ago. My obsession with handmade paper began about fifteen years ago. I was drawn to the sensory aspect and zen-like quality of making paper by hand. Crafting a sheet of paper is like cooking a gourmet meal. The care and time invested provide a textural and visual feast. It is very satisfying—an art in itself.

My papermaking evolved into artwork and hand bookbinding. It has been a natural progression. Paper is such an incredibly versatile medium. Among other things, you can sew it, glue it, cut it, tear it, paint on it, fold it, and dye it. Collage, sculpture, quilts, books, clothing, lighting, you name it and most likely it can be made with paper. Often, I’ll be working on a piece and it will challenge me to explore something else.

My work is informed by a variety of sources. I am influenced by current events and the political happenings of the times, especially as they relate to women. You will see the suggestion of feminism in my work. On the flip side, I believe that art can simply be beautiful to look at and angst free. I also spend as much time as possible out of doors. There is an abundance of inspiration to be drawn from Nature. I can’t help but be awed by the glory of it all.