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Born and raised in Sheboygan. Graduated From Sheboygan North High School in 1975 and except for one year at UW/Sheboygan is basically a self taught artist. Painting is his prefered artistic outlet He is probally best known as the creative force behind the "Labor Daze" comic strip which has appeared in the Bemis Manufacturing company's employee newsletter for the last 25 years. . The 1980's were mostly spent doing free-lance graphic art work, logos specifically, which probally explains the GRAPHIC feel of a lot of his paintings. A facination and love for album cover art fuels that influence as well. Steve credits Storm Thorgerson, Roger Dean and Hugh Syme as some of his favorite artists and influences Music is and always has been a huge influencial factor in his art and the 1990's reflected that relationship of music inspired art/art inspired music. Which brings us to today and the "Visual Music" of Steve Thimmig. "My paintings are my songs."